There and Back Again

The Story So Far… January 2012 kicked off with a bang as I became the first ever female PCA final tablist, and by December I had landed my first magazine cover for Poker Pro Canada. Everything in between was A-OK, with a few more final tables and memorable trips to here and there. With the … More There and Back Again

Bring it on, 2012!

I enjoy blogging but life has been good to me and I’ve been busy. Since my last entry I’ve been to Hawaii, learned how to snowboard, final tabled PCA, celebrated the Dragon Lunar New Year at home, went to Whistler/Vancouver, and saw old friends at the Fallsview Poker Classic. Half an hour before New Years … More Bring it on, 2012!

being stuck sucks.

Apparently many people blog more often when they’re winning. I like to rant when I finish really awful sessions. Therapeutic or simply reinforcing negativity in my head? Not certain yet. It especially sucks cause I’ve been on vacation for the past week, itching to play, and I fail miserably when I finally get back to … More being stuck sucks.

Sleepless in L.A.

Maybe it’s all the coffee, tea, and energy drinks I consumed trying to stay awake for the tourny, but I was only able to sleep for 2 hours before I had to go downstairs to feed my belly. Oh, and I only had a muffin and apple to eat yesterday, which made my usually bland … More Sleepless in L.A.


1st LAPC tourny and quite excited to play. The turnout is insane and the vibe is surreal. Sitting second in chips at the table until chipleader went all-in on the turn with my 77 on A769 board vs. his A8. sigh 5. Pretty tilted atm but going downstairs to play some cash after I finish … More Steaming

Victim of angle-shooting retardedness or too tired for good judgment?

Ok so after having breakfast at the sports bar with a pint and trying to resolve Tri’s new year’s dilemma, we both sat down at the same $1500 table. We decided we would try to keep the heads up matches grounded to only small pots since it is rather silly to gun for each other … More Victim of angle-shooting retardedness or too tired for good judgment?