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1st LAPC tourny and quite excited to play. The turnout is insane and the vibe is surreal. Sitting second in chips at the table until chipleader went all-in on the turn with my 77 on A769 board vs. his A8. sigh 5. Pretty tilted atm but going downstairs to play some cash after I finish ranting. Arghargh.

Inauguration dress FTW

Obama’s epic inauguration speech touched me sincerely and I thought it’d be fun to wear a first lady-inspired dress at the tables. Unfortunately it did not enhance my poker skills. My past two sessions have truly brought out the social fish in me. I am easily manipulated if you have the motivation to appeal to my naivete. Poker players who want my money have that sort of motivation.

I am very upset at myself for soft-playing certain players in many situations and be psychologically defeated on so many levels for not having very much experience with the social metagame. I have been warned numerous times, but some recent examples are really forcing me to grow up in order to survive this game. Stacking resilience without compromising my core principles just became my priority du jour.

Tomorrow is day 1 of the LAPC. Wish me luck.