About Xuan

Irish Open Xuan Liu

Xuan Liu (刘璇璇) was born in Tian Jin, China and raised in Toronto, Canada since she was five years old. She has always enjoyed playing games of skill and chance, but didn’t start playing real money poker until she attended the University of Waterloo during the Moneymaker boom. She immediately fell in love with the game, and spent her free time studying and immersing herself in all things poker. Since graduation she has travelled to dozens of poker destinations for value and adventure.

She has amassed over $1,400,000 live and over $300,000 online in tournament winnings, but her favourite part of being a poker ambassador is the lifestyle and freedom the game has given her. She looks forward to adding more successes to her poker resume, and to empowering more women to take unconventional risks while going after their dreams.


1 thought on “About Xuan

  1. Kelvin

    Hi Xuan,

    Just got to say that your journey in life and the poker world not to mention half price for female coaching really inspires me.

    I started playing poker recently to get my mind off my struggle in life as a migrant in Australia .

    Your blog inspires me . KEEP IT UP whatever you’re doing.



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