Update pre-WSOP

I’ve been back in North America for roughly two months now. I’ve readjusted to Westernized living, went on a road trip with my sis, lost some friends while simultaneously reconnecting with old ones, and had several of my accounts hacked, all while attempting to study for my next CFA exam in June and preparing for the World Series.

China seems like a blur. I still miss a lot of it, but am having trouble remembering why. That’s a characteristic about myself I’m not crazy about. I can connect and disconnect with people and places so easily it feels rather superfluous. Besides basic necessities, I feel as if I can adapt to anything and nothing really phases me anymore. This isn’t to say I don’t appreciate what I have or that I won’t miss something if I were to lose it. Some may regard this as being jaded, but I’d like to think that this is what makes me very human. After all, isn’t it our adaptability that makes us more advanced than other species?

Anyhow, so Anny and I took a road trip to Montreal so she could visit the McGill campus and make a more educated decision on what college she should attend next year. Unfortunately, I left my blackberry on the stupid bus and have been playing phone tag with the lost and found department for some time. This may or may not be a good thing since I don’t feel very social these days anyway. I remember when I was still in school I used to adore Montreal so much. I thought it was vibrant and eccentric, with a lot more character than plain old Toronto. On this trip however, my sister and I agreed that the city kind of felt a little trashy. Funny thing is, I don’t think it’s the city that changed. Anyhow, I hope Anny ends up making a solid decision for her future so I can start supporting it, whatever it may be.

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