being stuck sucks.

Apparently many people blog more often when they’re winning. I like to rant when I finish really awful sessions. Therapeutic or simply reinforcing negativity in my head? Not certain yet. It especially sucks cause I’ve been on vacation for the past week, itching to play, and I fail miserably when I finally get back to the tables.

I began the day by reminding myself how lucky I was. I have the freedom and capacity to do things I adore, have (for the most part) supportive friends and family, and all my loved ones are healthy and content. Vegas, L.A., and San Diego with the fam was amazing as I got to show my mother places and attractions she would probably otherwise never have the motivation to see, and it felt really damn good doing something for them. It has truly made me want to work harder to put more smiles on their faces.

Use your words.

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