Happy Lunar New Years!

First time I’ve had a room to myself for awhile; also the first time I’ve played a prolonged day shift. I didn’t get much sleep at all since I stayed up watching The Reader. It’s been awhile since a movie made me ball my eyes out like that. I feel like such a sap, and it’s not even that time of the month lol. Kate Winslet is incredible as always and the young protagonist played by David Kross definitely had a very convincing charm. The movie is multi-faceted with intriguing themes, and the taboo love story was intensely powerful. However, I can’t help but feel that it actually undermines the political/moral questions raised in its context.

Pokerwise, I must say I am happy with my performance for the day since I am not used to doing much of anything while the sun is still up. There are definitely a few hands I wish I could discuss with a confidante, but blogging will suffice for now. After playing for about 9 hours and not being able to find my friend, I checked back in at Crowne Plaza at a very special rate for the deluxe jacuzzi room after some never-fail persuasion. I took the rare opportunity to sink right into a bathtub of bubbles before sleeping like a baby. However being the noob that I am, I overflooded the tub and turned the entire bathroom into a poofy mess. I woke up about an hour ago with a grumbling stomach so I guess I will be pulling in another session after I am done here.

I was quite disappointed when I was unable to meet my quota to make time/money for a quick return home for lunar new years. I know there were a lot of people counting on my return and cannot feel worse for letting them down. I also have student loans and a bunch of random stuff knocking on my wallet so I really need to put in the hours while juggling the added pressure. I think I have developed some essential strategies for the game here and really have one person to thank for all their dedication. I’m gonna keep being a two marshmallow kid and crush this game for the next couple of months before I take a break (also when the weather will be nicer back home xD).

january lessons
key themes: fundamentals, playing within my game, focus, and stack protection
learning to be humble
subconscious tilt
associational tilt
social metagame
argument against drawing when edge is present
perception of one long session
personal management
annnnd keeping the balla within in check :3

One thought on “Happy Lunar New Years!

  1. bawl* your eyes outlol you bathtub noob.though that does sound really nice.sigh you seem to be having a pretty good time, at least. how’re things financially?

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