Getting Cozy

I enjoy the game at Commerce very much.

I began the day casually with a nice stroll around the nearby outlet mall searching for belated holiday gifts. Ate a delicious Hawaiin fish sandwich for breakfast (at 5pm) that tasted like a cross between a filet-o-fish and a classic patty-on-a-bun from a bakery around my middle school. I must say L.A. has the best food anywhere. From Mexican pho to authentic Mandarin hotpot, specialty restaurants are everywhere and on average, much better than anything that can be found back home. Since this was my first day alone in the city, beginning with a Starbucks Chai Latte was a must to incorporate some familiarity into the experience, and though I couldn’t find any appropriate gifts at the shops, the complex made for a pleasant walk and I did manage to find a cute purple jacket, which I had been looking for in T.O.

Poker was pleasant as well as I turned a decent profit playing a couple of hours. I do realize, however, that I really need to put in more time at this game if I am hoping to play the $10-20 no max. game in a month.

Also confirmed New Years plans for Giant Maximus with a friend from school. I figure it’s either that or part-ay with degen poker players during the countdown (again), so I guess I’ll be off commission for a few days after the event 🙂

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